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Valued Partners

We would like to extend a special thank you to our valued partners.

McGuire Marketing & Design
Joey McGuire is the owner of McGuire Marketing and Design.  Whether it be through traditional print pieces, online, social media campaigns or other means; McGuire Marketing & Design assists by providing the tools you need to reach your audience.

Vin de Soif
Peter Wearing, a wine agent, registered in Ontario, specializing in wines from classic wine regions. We are serious about wine, but don’t take ourselves seriously. After many years, I decided to approach things on a smaller, more human scale. Most of my days were spent on things that didn’t have anything to do with wine, so in setting up Vin de Soif, I have gone back to my roots — dealing with small, family-owned wineries that produce great and undiscovered wines.

Black Emily Craig Import Agency
The Daily Pour is an online bottle shop that offers a selection of boutique wines from around the world, imported to Ontario by Emily Craig Imports.

Glugg is an award-winning, specialty design studio focused exclusively on branding for the Wine, Beer & Spirits industries.

Michelle Brisebois of Textrix Consulting is a Digital Marketing Consultant specializing in marketing strategy that helps business owners make power moves by anticipating tomorrow’s market conditions.

Phil Reedman, Master of Wine, has spent over 40 years working in the wine industry. In 2007, Phil established his consultancy business to help wineries and retailers ‘sell more wine.’  To this end, Phil works with clients to source wines and style them to market expectations, either filling an expressed requirement or else creating new products.